Journal of Phytomolecules & Pharmacology

The Journal of Phytomolecules & Pharmacology (JPP) is a peer-reviewed journal that brings out original research papers, reviews and short communications on the natural product & derivatives, phytoconstituents, and biological & pharmacological investigations of the extracts and products. The journal specifically invites interdisciplinary articles on phytochemistry, biotechnological approach for phytomedicines, biological and toxicological mechanisms of action, structure and bioactivity of phytochemicals (bioinformatics/ computational methods). Moreover, JPP emphasizes the fascinating insights of ethnic medicines involved in tribal communities. Therefore, we particularly prefer scientific investigations on either pharmacological or phytochemical aspects of the medicinal, aromatic, economical plants and other related botanically species, fungi, and other organisms. Manuscripts dealing with significant new findings on the plant's phytochemistry and pharmacological experiment for drug discovery will also be considered. The journal operates a double-blind peer review policy. All articles will be made freely and permanently available in online. Articles are published as “Just Accepted Articles” as soon as possible after acceptance and in 2 issues of a volume per year.


Professor Dr. Marcello Iriti

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Article processing charge (APC) is 50 USD until December 2024 to cover the journal management cost.


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